The Studio and Gallery 86 Main Street  Kilbirnie  KA25 7AA
07963 348934 Opened first of April 2017

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February 3 - 24
This exhibition is based on the Splendor Solis alchemical manuscript and shows a collection of paintings I commissioned from a number of artists, asking them to make their own version of a particular image I had chosen from the Splendor Solis alchemical manuscript. You will not see anything like this ever again.
Opening on Saturday 3rd at 2.00

Laurie Lipton
Phil Gibson
Spencer John Derry
Dominic Murphy
Thomas Gegner
Miguel Calle
Robert Ellaby
Laurel Price
Jeff Bogartte
Erin McCauley
Alicia Thayer Morel
Jane Estelle Trombley
Ruth Ramsden
Philip Panton
Ronnie Heeps
Harry Wendrich